Prodigies, in contrast, appear to benefit from certain

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Oasis Cafe will feature Live Music by Lizz and Rex from 6 8 pm Friday, September 12, followed by Ballroom Dance lessons at 8:00 pm and dancing at 8:30 pm. Pre dance music is free. Cost of the dance is $8 per person in advance, $10 at the door. Prodigies, in contrast, appear to benefit from certain autistic tendencies while avoiding the shortfalls of others. On a standard assessment of traits associated with autism, the prodigies in the current study scored higher than a control group on all measures, including attention to detail and problems with social skills or communication (though this result was not statistically significant, probably because the sample was so small). But they also scored significantly lower than a separate comparison group of people who had Asperger except on the attention to detail measure, in which they outshone everyone..

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