The birds have become flashpoints in an ongoing battle over

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cheap moncler sale In an email to Congress, a top Pentagon official said the proposal could help avoid any readiness impacts on military facilities that might result from listing the sage grouse and lesser prairie chicken as endangered.The statement by Pete Giambastiani, a legislative affairs aide, directly repudiates comments Wednesday by Pentagon officials calling the GOP proposal unnecessary. The House approved language would block endangered species listing for the two birds for 10 years.The birds have become flashpoints in an ongoing battle over whether they warrant federal protection that hinders mining and other development from Kansas to California.In a one paragraph position paper made public moncler outlet store Wednesday, the Pentagon said the GOP provision was necessary to protect military testing and training and said the department its exclusion from the defense bill being negotiated by House and Senate leaders.Lucian Niemeyer, assistant moncler outlet online secretary moncler jacket sale of defense for energy, installations and environment, said Wednesday that military installations are experiencing significant mission impacts related to the management of the sage grouse, lesser prairie chicken or the American burying beetle, another threatened species targeted by the GOP bill.Giambastiani, in his email Thursday, challenged the accuracy of Niemeyer statement.administration, the Defense Department and the Interior Department support the provision in question and believe that it could help the department avoid any negative readiness impacts on military facilities should the species be listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, he wrote. Several vital military installations are impacted by sage grouse populations in, around or underneath the airspace used by the Department of Defense on a daily basis.Utah Rep. cheap moncler sale

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