Sanchez suffered a work injury on October 14

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There are a few categories that don’t mean much to me at all when I’m placing my wagers. One of the biggest ones is strikeouts. A guy could strikeout 15 batters in one game and still lose because he gave up 5 homeruns. The team received timely goals and strong backchecking from the forward group including Aaliyah Osawamick Scarlette, Audrey Kawa, Breanna Sullivan, Danyka Vaillancourt, Hannah Sullivan, Jillian Landry, Kalia Pharand, Kayden Hodgins, and Maya Flores. The defense group was a force all weekend and consisted of Addison Bergeron, Cassie St Germain, Ella Lumme, Emma Mathieu, Gabrielle Foreshew and Mya Ricci. The tandem of Karyssa Vaillancourt and Kaitlyn Earl provided MVP worthy goaltending every game.

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